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The Legion of Black Collegians currently has five standing committees: Communications, Activities, Finance, Political, and Freshman Action Team. LBC plans, funds and executes programs and activities to enhance the experience of African American students at Mizzou.  Please contact the appropriate chair of each committee for more information.

CommunicationActivitiesFinancialPoliticalFreshmen Action Team
The Communications Chair and committee shall have the responsibility for the organization of the annual Big 12 report, LBC newsletter, organizational brochures and booklets, and intra organizational communications.

For more information on how to get involved with the LBC Communications Committee, contact us at

The Activities Chair shall initiate, coordinate, and administer programs and activities for the social, recreational, educational, and cultural life of members of LBC.

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The Financial Chair shall maintain a record of the fiscal affairs of LBC and process all vouchers for payment out of LBC funds. The chair shall serve as the vested disbursement of officer and auditor. He/She shall initiate programs for LBC in the sphere of economics as it pertains to African Americans.

For more information on how to get involved with the LBC Financial Committee, please contact us at

The Political chair shall act as chief advisor to the President and government strategist along the aspects of protocol, media, and organizational relations. The chair and their committee are responsible for political and educational events pertaining to African American students in all areas of human affairs. The chair also acts as a liaison to the African American Student Leadership of the University, as well as the Columbia community, and insures African American representation in cooperating non-minority based organization.

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The Freshmen Action Team, also referred to as FAT, was established through the Big XII Council on Black Student Government to create a more amiable environment for freshmen during their first year. This is done by encouraging campus and community involvement, creating unity between freshmen and the campus as a whole, and helping to institute a network of resources. FAT serves as a leadership organization to enhance those skills so they may become premiere members of their respective campuses.

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